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​​​My name is Chalermrat  Nontapa

       I am a Lecturer at the Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science,

Chiang Mai University.

My Office: 3rd Floor (STB 304), Statistics Building,

                  Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science, 

                  Chiang Mai University.

Interesting Research:

                  Time Series, Regression Analysis, Data Mining,

                  Machine Learning, and Optimization.  

Website of our Department: 


Current Works:

-  Wednesday 14th December 2022

Experience in SEED Scholarships.

Current Week Teaching:


- Statistics for Everyday Life (208101)

  M-F Time: 11.00-13.00 sec:001


- Elementary Statistics (208263)

   M-F Time: 08.00-09.30 sec:001 (Final)

   M-F Time: 09.30-11.00 sec:002 (Final)

Coming Soon Seminar:

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